Have you ever had problems deploying and configuring django project? This project removes headaches that you used to have when quick-starting django project, configuring environments, downloading packages and etc.

It creates django project by using one simple command, ready for running.

Solution is based on pip and virtualenv, it has minimal external requirements.


To install this package:

pip install django-pip-starter

If you already have django-pip-starter install you can use the following command to upgrade installation:

pip install --upgrade django-pip-starter

Quick start

The following commands creates empty, configured django project in virtual environment. Additionally it will install south package. For development environment it additionally installs django-debug-toolbar, ipython, ipdb project-name
cd project-name
make run

Where project-name is destination folder where starter should create files.

make command will download and setup development virtualenv, download latest stable django version and create sqlite3 database, load initial data.

make run will run development server. It’s the same as running project/ runserver which would also work.

Default logins for django administration are user: admin pass: admin


You can read documentation at


Idea for this project came from Mantas Zimickas (sirex, This was based on zc.buildout solution. After some time using django-starter we had problems deploying it and Petras Zdanavicius (petraszd) made a fork of django-starter that used only pip. This was simple and elegant solution that Marius Grigaitis (marltu) expanded and packaged it into this project.